Tuesday, 11 August 2009

sunderland air show

As I'm sure you know travelling to sunderland is not often top of my list of destinations but I have to say they did a fantastic job of running the 21st anniversary air show. I was a little frustrated leaving my house as the rain was coming down but I was hopeful that sea breeze would help me out and keep the day good enough.
Sunderland Airshow-6
being honest the whole of the red arrows set was amazing! i have only had the chance to see them once when i was shooting for the great northrun. they were nothing like this! they did 20mins of some of the most amazing things i have seen!
Sunderland Airshow-9

other great things included the chinook and the apache. the event as a whole was not hapered by the dodgy weather but it woudl have obviously be a little better if i had been in the lovely sun!
Sunderland Airshow-24
Sunderland Airshow-15
Sunderland Airshow-13

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