Friday, 24 July 2009

Flash AAHHHHHHH ! (that was meant to sound like freddie mercury)

For some time now i have been toiling with the wonders of moveable light. but being honest i have had mixed success and lots of trial and errors! Couple of weeks ago i had the pleasure of teamig up with some fellow leeds flikr-ites to get a bit of a lesson in flash. we tripped up to Roundhay Park and had some fun.
Roundhay park-2
This shot of ibecks was where i started....or at least with the camera, neal ad steve had spend a long time setting up the lights to get us this shot. basically 4 big flashes are set up around becks and all on 1/4 power to get this cool effect. being honest i don't have the gear to set all of this up on my own but i would like to try this again. The nature of the fun you have in a group leads to 'playing with other people's gear'. Neal some how had hold of 85mm is all i can say!
Roundhay park-4
this shot of daf is just uber sharp!
Well after the sun started to go down we played abit more than we expected too, the folly proved to be a fantastic backdrop to these type of shots.
Roundhay park-11

being honest i was so happy with howthese have turned out, really i never thought i would be able to take shots like this! If you would like to see more of the set and some of the set ups check out the group Neal set up.

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