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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

sunderland air show

As I'm sure you know travelling to sunderland is not often top of my list of destinations but I have to say they did a fantastic job of running the 21st anniversary air show. I was a little frustrated leaving my house as the rain was coming down but I was hopeful that sea breeze would help me out and keep the day good enough.
Sunderland Airshow-6
being honest the whole of the red arrows set was amazing! i have only had the chance to see them once when i was shooting for the great northrun. they were nothing like this! they did 20mins of some of the most amazing things i have seen!
Sunderland Airshow-9

other great things included the chinook and the apache. the event as a whole was not hapered by the dodgy weather but it woudl have obviously be a little better if i had been in the lovely sun!
Sunderland Airshow-24
Sunderland Airshow-15
Sunderland Airshow-13

Friday, 24 July 2009

Flash AAHHHHHHH ! (that was meant to sound like freddie mercury)

For some time now i have been toiling with the wonders of moveable light. but being honest i have had mixed success and lots of trial and errors! Couple of weeks ago i had the pleasure of teamig up with some fellow leeds flikr-ites to get a bit of a lesson in flash. we tripped up to Roundhay Park and had some fun.
Roundhay park-2
This shot of ibecks was where i started....or at least with the camera, neal ad steve had spend a long time setting up the lights to get us this shot. basically 4 big flashes are set up around becks and all on 1/4 power to get this cool effect. being honest i don't have the gear to set all of this up on my own but i would like to try this again. The nature of the fun you have in a group leads to 'playing with other people's gear'. Neal some how had hold of 85mm is all i can say!
Roundhay park-4
this shot of daf is just uber sharp!
Well after the sun started to go down we played abit more than we expected too, the folly proved to be a fantastic backdrop to these type of shots.
Roundhay park-11

being honest i was so happy with howthese have turned out, really i never thought i would be able to take shots like this! If you would like to see more of the set and some of the set ups check out the group Neal set up.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

York visit

Having lived in York for 8 years you eventualy get used to the tourists being everywhere! but going back yesterday was fun as i sort of forgot how people walk round and take the same shots as everyone else!
I tried my best to look at things as per usual a little bit different. i'm not sure if i did but hey!


some of the people out dressed up were great, not sure if they should have thought about what they were wearing before they left the house!


Marc Riboud

the other week i attended a mini conference/workshop on the works of Marc Riboud specifically in Leeds. There has been an exhibition in the Leeds museum that i hadn't actually been to see. His works were taken in 1954 and included a range of street style shots of the areas of leeds like burmantoffs and burley. they show a leeds very different to the one i know and made me ralise that some fo the over the top post proccessing is not needed but a good black and white photo can be just as dynamic. Dye to copyright issues i can't really post many links on here of the original works but when i visited York yesterday i tried to cover this as one of my aims for the day.
Here are a few of my attempts to capture the mood of tourism in York city centre.

What i need to do next is try and lean what settings will make the most effective black and white converstions. A pal of mine paddy is outstanding at this but i have a bit to go yet!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dragon boat racing

Living in Leeds the main sport is a bit of a toss up between Football and rugby league, so a visit to clarance dock was a bit of a suprise when Dragonboat racing was the order of the day!
Dragonboat racing-11

The actual races were great an an opprtunity to try and get some more fun use out of my 70-200mm, but as you can see from some of the shots i did struggle to get the angle i wanted. after the course i went to with Andy Rouse who is a STUNNING photographer. his main tips of the day was to get as low as you can. now this was obviously in the context of nature photography but the same applies here. I really wanted to get nearer to the water to get a better shot of the oars going in but the side of thedck said no. So i'm a bit frustrated that i didn't really use the full capacity of my fav lens in this shoot.

Dragonboat racing-2

As mush as i complain that i don't have a thing about street photography but events like these do make me giggle at all of the fancy dress related goings on!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Suffolk Sortie


Last weekend saw us taking a visit darn sarf to Ipswich. It wasn't intentially a photography trip but it was fun and i got some interesting shots. The main thing i realised on my trip that i seem to have changed my thought processes slightly.

Up to now i feel like i have walked around places and taking some shots of different things, mostly quirky things that are infront of me. Now i feel that i have stepped away from the 'snaps' that i would have taken on a trip like this, to take a set of images that are more structured.

That is not to say that i am taking better shots but the styling has changed. Some of the shots i took were styled in some way by the work of Martin Parr. again i'm not saying that my shots mirror his as i'm not anywhere near Martins quality but the colours and the flags in faces i can copy!

I enjoyed my trip to Southwold, the home of Adnams beer...and yes i did have some...not lots but some!
I would advise trying some street style on the beach and the front as some interesting shots do pop out!