Sunday, 7 June 2009

Haewood Hill Climb

Harewood Hill Climb-16

Another weekend and another trip out with my camera. Harewood holds a number of hill climb events each year and this was my first visit. I was shocked at the vast array of car and also the potential for some amazing photos. At the moment i am still learning and the number of different shots i could have taken in some ways made it difficult to focus on the shots i wanted from the day.
At the outset i was hoping to have a try at panning, this is a technique i have only had the opportunity once before to really try. Unfortuntley my plans of finding a long and flat ish straight.... as i found out quickly, hill climb doesn't lend itself to long straights! this meant i had to make use of my 70-200mm 2.8 and this seemed to work out well.

Harewood Hill Climb-10

I did take a lot of the panning shots but i seemed to have problems getting the focus correct, in changing over to my more traditional shots i feel the results were better. hand holding at 1/60 is not easy with a 2.8kg lens on the end made it difficult. next time i will have to take my monopod and have another go.

Harewood Hill Climb-13

I think i need to start being a little more technical in these posts..... but as i'm half watching the apprentice i have an excuse!

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