Sunday, 28 June 2009

Suffolk Sortie


Last weekend saw us taking a visit darn sarf to Ipswich. It wasn't intentially a photography trip but it was fun and i got some interesting shots. The main thing i realised on my trip that i seem to have changed my thought processes slightly.

Up to now i feel like i have walked around places and taking some shots of different things, mostly quirky things that are infront of me. Now i feel that i have stepped away from the 'snaps' that i would have taken on a trip like this, to take a set of images that are more structured.

That is not to say that i am taking better shots but the styling has changed. Some of the shots i took were styled in some way by the work of Martin Parr. again i'm not saying that my shots mirror his as i'm not anywhere near Martins quality but the colours and the flags in faces i can copy!

I enjoyed my trip to Southwold, the home of Adnams beer...and yes i did have some...not lots but some!
I would advise trying some street style on the beach and the front as some interesting shots do pop out!

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