Sunday, 31 May 2009

Liverpool is great!


Myself and Lisa had a trip out to Liverpool on friday which was great. Niether of us have been before so we weren't sure what to expect, we were both very impressed by the vast amount of cool buildings and interesting ideas that are in the city. Having lived in York for years and now in Leeds i'm used to seeing the ever changing skylines and 'new' ideas in the lines used to be inovative, but Liverpool took this too new levels. The picture above is one of the older buildings in the docks area as there were too many porta loos and workmen around to get any cool shots of the new building but we defs got back to shoot them when they are nearer to completion.

In One of my earlier posts i mentioned that i was really impressed by Mathieu Young shots of street life with a strobe, well this is my first attempt of shooting a sunny day with flash! its not 100% there but i'm happy with how it has come out. I'm sure there will be a few more of these type of shots in the coming weeks.

this shot is my fav for the day, its shows one of the coolest bits of the city, the entrance to chinatown.

Check out the rest of the stream, there is an Emin and a Bankys in there!



  1. Some nice pics mate, you really seem to be the hang of photography. I'm still pointing and shooting and hoping it all works out!

  2. i'm doing the same mate in some ways! its a case of trial and error.i have made big jumps by using lightroom and getting bits of advice from the great Leeds Flickr Group!! get yourself some flash triggers and play about with some off camera flash its so great and makes a big difference!