Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dragon boat racing

Living in Leeds the main sport is a bit of a toss up between Football and rugby league, so a visit to clarance dock was a bit of a suprise when Dragonboat racing was the order of the day!
Dragonboat racing-11

The actual races were great an an opprtunity to try and get some more fun use out of my 70-200mm, but as you can see from some of the shots i did struggle to get the angle i wanted. after the course i went to with Andy Rouse who is a STUNNING photographer. his main tips of the day was to get as low as you can. now this was obviously in the context of nature photography but the same applies here. I really wanted to get nearer to the water to get a better shot of the oars going in but the side of thedck said no. So i'm a bit frustrated that i didn't really use the full capacity of my fav lens in this shoot.

Dragonboat racing-2

As mush as i complain that i don't have a thing about street photography but events like these do make me giggle at all of the fancy dress related goings on!


  1. Looks interesting mate! Your photos seem to be getting better and better. What camera are you using?

  2. cheers mate, only shooting a canon 400d at the mo so nothing special. being honest it adobe lightroom that has made a big difference to my shots. shooting raw and making tweeks on LR makes for much better shots! you should defs get a copy of it!