Sunday, 5 July 2009

Marc Riboud

the other week i attended a mini conference/workshop on the works of Marc Riboud specifically in Leeds. There has been an exhibition in the Leeds museum that i hadn't actually been to see. His works were taken in 1954 and included a range of street style shots of the areas of leeds like burmantoffs and burley. they show a leeds very different to the one i know and made me ralise that some fo the over the top post proccessing is not needed but a good black and white photo can be just as dynamic. Dye to copyright issues i can't really post many links on here of the original works but when i visited York yesterday i tried to cover this as one of my aims for the day.
Here are a few of my attempts to capture the mood of tourism in York city centre.

What i need to do next is try and lean what settings will make the most effective black and white converstions. A pal of mine paddy is outstanding at this but i have a bit to go yet!

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