Sunday, 17 May 2009

its been a bit wet out

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well saturday was a bit of a wash out! i was hoping to buy a few things like a rain hood for my shoot today.....the best i got was a couple of plastic bags from home bargins!
but while i was drying my head in the carphone warehouse door i got a couple of shots of the wet people in the middle of Briggate. After a bit of photoshopping i'm happy with these couple of shots i think....

as for today i was in manchester shooting the BUPA Manchester 10k, it was cold windy and wet but hey its always fun to shoot the runs. so many people making a difference to lives through the fantasic fundraising that has been going on.
I hot in the region of 3k images, i hope that josh is happy with them and obviously the people in the shots are also happy!

i'm not sure if i'm getting out there to shoot much this week,hopefully i can get some extras to come along to kirkstall abbey for the shoot on thrsday.

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