Sunday, 24 May 2009

what next?

photo of a photo of a photo

Yesterday i was asked to help my mate Jon photograph a photo...... complicated old affair but t was as part of the course he is doing. Basically the ason behind it was to photograpgh the scene behind jon while he took shots of anoter tog, through a mirror taing a shot, i think the photohelps explain it.
After taking the shots we had a quick pint an a good chat about general photography and how i should be looking to develop myself in the coming months. I finished my 365 in april and since then i haven't really made many efforts to push myself, i have do some cool shooting and i'm hapy wit the results but nothing has really stretched me. After some discussions i'm now thinking that i need to set myself a challenge. I am not the most creative person in the world so this could take some thinking to come up with some ideas for a mini project to stretch my creative juices and get me some cool photos
so at the moment my plan is to try and get settings correct for a shoot round pudsey in the style of mattieu young (last post) with flash street ish stuff /documentary shots, the only worry i have s the great blue skys in the states don't quite translate too well to the greyness of Leeds....
i have loads of books to read too but as i'm rushing out to watch the match....and the toon stay up i'll have to post more tomorrow.

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