Friday, 22 May 2009

Kirkstall Abbey

this week i have been mostly shooting.....
well for a change we organised a shoot don at Kirkstall Abbey. 4 of us went down there for a few different reasons, myself i wanted to try and practice some more stobist things with at least 1 flash. i'm actually really happy wit the results, in th past my flash shots have been a bit dark and as much as i like them i think i need to give them a bit more light! this one here for example is at f13 1/60, which is a very different set up to the ones i have done before. (check out my stobist set on flickr). Also this was a good opprotunity to shoot someone else, as much as i enjoy shooting Lisa i do need to have some diferent shots in the old portfolio! Paul aka jinky jim was a willing model.... for a bit ;-) but i had to recipricte! and yes i need a hair cut!
on the whole these random get togethers are really fun and mean that i can try ot some different shots in some locations that i wouldn't normally shoot in.

on a separate note i have been trying again to get my shots to look like they are 'mine'. this is a bit of an issue i have had since i started with the Leeds group, i was asked at my first meeting 'whats your style' ad i don't think i have foud it yet! my mate Stu thinks i have but he isn't a photographer... but thats maybe the point i don't know. i would like to be able to shoot and people be able to pick out my images but as i shoot such a varied amout of things i'm not sure if it lies within the post processing i do...... and i'm not amazing at that... lightroom has helped me a lot, or at leas the plugins that daf sent me have ;-) cheers daf. i mean being honest i'm enjoying shooting so much at the mo i'mhappy to just let things happen and see where i end up style wise.

after the comment i got from my rain shots (last post) i may have to have another go at his street malarky. its not something i 'get' as i don't see how it isnt just sots of people on the street... but maybe i'm missing the point. i do like these shots but they are done with a strobe in america when its sunny...with a flash that has more settings that the 2 settings mine has...being ON and OFF. all will be fine in the end i'm sure.

live ong and prosper, but not at my expense - dr spoook

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